Anonymous said: Happy birthday from France.

Thanks :)

Happy birthday to me :)

I’m 20 now!

Anonymous said: You look skinny. It's like you've lost weight and muscle?

I haven’t been in the gym in ages so I lost alot of muscle :/

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Ghosts 'n' Stuff - feat. Rob Swire

Anonymous said: omg you have the body of a super hero♥: you know how in the comics the heroes are really muscular but yet there calve muscles are really nice & big basically almost as big as there thighs c; yumm that is hottest thing! you should definitely post more photos showing fully body like that!♥: xx

Yea! Super hero legs ;)


Hot wrestler Michael is back with a new photo of him in his singlet.

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Anonymous said: are you single?


Anonymous said: How many pics did you submit to that blog? Can you post them for us?

A few. He will post them when he is done editing them

Anonymous said: You might get messages like these all the time, but I just wanted to let you know that I love your tumblr. You have a great selection of underwear (I have a slight underwear fetish, but only for classy underwear) which is nice to see for once. You also know how to model really well (I have been modeling for a little while in Michigan). You also have a great body for it, so great job keeping your muscles toned. I am writing anonymously because I like you haha. Keep up the great work Michael! <3

Thank you very much. Its much appreciated :)

Anonymous said: How often are you on tumblr?

Um when I wake up and before I go to bed, and occasionally throughout the day.

Anonymous said: Do you always follow back? You followed me, but never reblog or like my posts. I just want you to love me D:

I follow back most people, but I hardly reblog stuff.

Anonymous said: You are sooooooooo hot!! Your package is amazing! Are you gay?

Thanks and yes I’m gay

Anonymous said: wait wait wait... you're not a model? I don't believe this >.> You're too gorgeous. I bet your soul is beautiful too :)

Ha yea I’m not a model, but thanks :)

Anonymous said: Were those pics taken in your house?

Yea with a timer